3 Ways you can exercise outside instead of the gym

Everyone isn’t all about the gym life – a surplus of intimidating equipment and fit focused bodies packed in a building. Sure the alternative could be a specialty class. But what about when sweating inside those four walls can get repetitive or too expensive? Luckily, finding a place to work out elsewhere is as simple as finding a nearby park, plus it’s possibly your healthiest option.

Since 2011 doctors have been attributing Green exercise to a low cost “solution to lower stress and recharger your mental batteries.” After all, whats fitness without fresh air? Our ability to focus with little effort is a main reason a layer of stress released when we’re in nature instead of in a building or even in a crowded area.  Get in touch with nature and exercise in a natural environment with a few ways to get started.

Here’s how you can get started

Walk, run, and run some more

Take a walk on your break in a nearby park or green area. If you work from home, take a walk first thing in the morning to add to your morale boost for that day. If you usually run on the treadmill, it’s time to switch to your neighborhood trail. A great way to jump in head first is to sign up for a small community race. Some organizations like Harlem United puts on one-miler races. You could also walk or run for a cause like breast cancer, lupus, or diabetes.

Switch up your terrain

Go hiking on the weekends. Make an adventure out of it! The challenge of conquering something in nature will test those muscles the treadmill simply can’t touch. Plus, a hiking excursion usually has a great view or two in there. Take advantage of the photo op!

Bring some friends along

Join a team or outdoor class, for sure. During warmer seasons, a softball, soccer, or basketball team could replace hours at the gym. If you love yoga or cardio, check your community calendar for apps like MINDBODY and check for any classes being taught in nearby park or beach. Got a personal trainer? Suggest trading in a couple of days at the gym for some resistance work in a shaded area.

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