6 Habits of people with healthy skin

You probably know to stay away from smoking. Eating fresh fruits and veggies will do a great job at keeping your skin clear. What you consume is half the battle. These are habits that you practice to keep radiant, hydrated skin all year.

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Treat your skin with care. Be gentle.

Every day cleansing, shaving, and any other beautifying products take a toll on your skin. Those hot showers are removing the oils that naturally moisturize from the skin along with the strong scented soaps. Using warm water instead and cut your bath time in half. Instead, be sure to wash your face daily and pat dry.

Get more sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t a myth. It’s like a free cosmetic. You probably recall a time when you were deprived of sleep because of family or work. You noticed your eyes were heavier looking and research has shown this is usually accompanied with some baggage or raccoon eyes. Your skin may even develop breakouts due to lack of sleep which can result in bad eating habits. Just about every system in your body is affected by the amount of sleep you get every night.

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Have sex… Lots of it

Sex in general makes us happy. Great sex can give you a glow, literally. Getting sweaty opens up pores and softens skin with your natural oils. Three hormones leak into your brain during sex and/or orgasm: Beta-endorphine, a natural opiate, Prolactin, a chemical messenger that relaxes your body, and Oxytocin that causes those feelings of affection and gets you in the mood to cuddle. Of course, after a great time in the sack you’re ready to fall asleep quickly!

They never pick.

It’s hard to ignore that new pimple. Be strong! Finding a safe way to treat zits. Picking at your face or skin causes a little bleeding, then you get a permanent scar.  Instead try steaming or applying medication to prevent causing damage to your skin.

Moisturize daily.

Giving your face a wash each day is just playing it safe. It contains the water that your body generates for your skin. Moisturizing slows down water loss, strengthening the barriers of your skin. In the Winter months it’s helpful to moisturize your entire body to fight dry skin or damage from dry skin. You can ease up in the warmer months, but don’t miss a day and you’re on the road to flawless skin.

They drink a half a gallon of water today.

Opinions on how much water you should drink each day vary. Health authorities suggest 8 eight ounce glasses, or half a gallon, better known as the 8×8 rule. If it’s hard to keep track of individual glasses, instead start the day with a full half gallon container and carry with you through the day. Just a few weeks of this will give your skin a new glow!

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