Hydration: The Single Most Important Step Towards a Healthier You Now

The health and beauty advice to “stay hydrated” is not a new concept, yet we don’t often pause to ask what this actually means. You may have heard that the human body is made up of 55%-75% water. You may have heard that 8 glasses of water or fluids will keep you hydrated. But going a little deeper, we discover that water, essential to life on Earth, may be the one nutrient that has the most drastic and immediate effect on your body, energy and beauty on a daily basis.


All About Your Hydration

Simply put, tuning into your body’s signals for thirst may be the very best thing you can do for your health. Too much or too little water taxes the kidneys and other organs in the body. We have an incredibly sophisticated, perfectly-functioning internal system that regulates our hydration. How this shows up: we get thirsty! Thirst is actually quite a gentle signal in our bodies (rather than the uncomfortable “must drink now” sensation which is really an indicator of dehydration). You know you are staying hydrated thanks to the 3Cs — your urine will be “clean, clear and copious.” And you’ll have abundant energy. If paying attention to your own thirst is too difficult, health officials recommend 8-10 glasses of water daily. Need to be reminded? There are a few fun water drinking apps now available.


Facts & Tips To Keep The Water Flowing
  • To quench our thirst, we often reach for the nearest beverage at hand. Keeping a reusable water bottle nearby, filled up with filtered tap water, does wonders for your health and the planet: You’ll avoid both calorie-laden, sugar-sweetened beverages and bottled water, which add to the plastic bottles in the landfill (and a plastic island the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean!).
  • What about coffee and tea? A little bit of either one can count towards your water intake, but too much can be dehydrating. If you’re a big coffee and tea drinker, aim for at least 6 glasses of just water per day.
  • Don’t love the taste of water? Squeeze in some fresh lemon, lime or orange, or throw in a sprig of mint or sage for some flavor.


Your Body Will Thank You! Benefits Of Proper Hydration
  • Americans consume approximately 25% of their calories in drinks! Cutting out sugar-enhanced beverages may be the most important action we can take to support weight-loss goals.
  • Water is key for healthy, youthful, glowing skin
  • Water lubricates joints and cartilage keeping the body spry and fit
  • Water is detoxifying
  • Drinking water boosts cognitive function and improves mood
  • Even a 5% drop in bodily fluids will cause fatigue. And a 15% drop can cause death!


Bottoms Up!



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